Every Town Has It’s Secrets – Legend of Black Annie

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The Legend of Black Annie horror movie

Although it was made in 2012, The Legend of Black Annie wasn’t released until 2015, just two months after that OTHER “black Annie” movie hit theaters. Coincidence? You be the judge. Regardless, anyone who rents this movie expecting to see a tap-dancing Quvenzhane Wallis will be sorely disappointed — and should probably stop huffing glue.

The Legend of Black Annie starts off in 1973 in either a post-apocalyptic wasteland or West Virginia (I’m leaning towards the latter), where three boys — one white (Charles Jr.), two black (Patrick and Jerome) — are doing what boys that age tend to do: being assholes. They chase a black girl named Annie Black until she falls off a cliff to her death. (Honestly, though, it’s more like a leap, so unless she’s part lemming, I’d have to place some of the blame on her.)

In a strange coincidence, Annie’s drunk father soon thereafter accidentally kills her voodoo-practicing mother Ava, but not before she casts a (very slow-acting) spell that, 13 years later, causes Ava’s ghost to rise from the grave and target the parents of the boys for helping them cover up their crime. Thus, “the legend of Black Annie” is born…except it’s not Annie, so…um, yeah, that’s kind of a problem. Anyway, thirteen years after those deaths, Annie/Ava/whoever returns again, this time going after the boys (now men) themselves.


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