2 BOYS 1 GIRL?! (V CARD??)

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You thought I was done at 3 boys and 1 girl?! Nah it gets wayyyy crazier, a V card story?!… Maybe… Maybe I should bless y’all with a v card storytime was my thought …. 3 boys 1 girl Stanley animation is one of my most popular videos and it’s the closest you have gotten to a v card story animation. So I figured why not give you guys another juicy story a 3 boys 1 girl Stanley animations part 2 if you will. Maybe I Lost my V card already ??? watch the video to find out. V card 3 boys 1 girl… NAH V card 2 boys 1 girl. you know I had to do it 2 BOYS 1 GIRL?!…. Y’all wanted a juicy story and I have some to spare. All the names in the video are once again Fake but the story is REAL!!! Let me know what you guys think about the video 2 BOYS 1 GIRL?! took a long time to make and I put a lot of effort and energy into creating this. Also as a side note when your done watching 2 BOYS 1 GIRL?! you can go check out my Instagram page and join my #WeTheLabel movement. All you have to do is comment on my post and you can get the link sent to you. The people in we the label help me to spread my videos to everyone around the world.


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