Prom is supposed to be a special occasion where two people dance the night away madly in love with each other. unfortunately i didn’t even make it to the main event. Matter of fact I [More]
The ABSOLUTE TRUTH about HIGHSCHOOL!!?? I thought it would be fun to give y’all some of back to school advice in a animated form. However, this isn’t only an advice video. no no no this [More]
I GOT CAUGHT STEALING FROM WALMART, and this is the Animated Story about how i got CAUGHT STEALING. After this i didn’t shop FROM WALMART.I hope you guys enjoy my animated story it took a [More]
we all have Instagram storys about girls sliding into guys dms or guys sliding into girls dms but I have never seen a Instagram Entanglement story before. This is about a girl i reference as [More]
I got caught for vandalizing A SCHOOL BUS. It wasn’t even my fault though i got framed. In the moment it sucked being in that situation but it makes a great story i hope yall [More]
Movie Theater and Girls go hand and hand but when my friend Juliet invited me over to watch Spirited away in her mansion of a house I should’ve known something was up…. Any who I [More]
You thought I was done at 2 boys and 1 girl?! It’s is time to end the V card story saga … im sorry it took so long to get this V card story out. [More]